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Welcome To The Green Planet

Resources for Healthy and Sustainable Planet

A project of the Green Planet Foundation this web site is a resource center for eco information of all sorts,

Our mission is to connect you to a wide viariety of resources that can inform and empower sustainable solutions to our social and environmental issues. Through the content of this site, a variety of links and the programs that we run in the community, we share information and techniques for both healthy and environmentally responsible ways of living.

The Green Planet Foundation was created in response to a growing movement towards a more sustainable and healhty society. Here a dedicated group of individuals brings together some tangible and practical solutions to many of our sustainability issues. We sponsor exhibits, workshops, special events, eco clubs and educational programs that help us to create a green and sustainable culture.

Earthwalk Eco Education Center

The Green Planet Foundatoin supports various educational programs and exhibits at the Earthwalk Eco Education Center near Colborne Ontario. Earthwalk is developing educational programs that facilitate the creation of a new and more sustainable culture that includes programs on eco home design and construction, healthy home solutions, organic food production, natural health strategies and eco transportation.

Gaia Film Club

We sponsor the Gaia Film Club that meets regularly in the theatre at the Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center in Colborne where avid eco films enthusiasts hold talks discussions, screenings and critical analysis of recent eco films. The Gaia Film Club also presents the Earthwalk Eco Film Festival at the Green Planet Festival.

Green Planet Festival

Every few years we sponsor the Green Planet Festival in eastern Ontario. A celebration of all things green. The festival features exhibits and displays, arts and music along with expert speakers on a great many aspects of green living. A Celebration of sustainable living the 2006 Green Planet Festival took place in Grafton Ontario at the Grafton Town Hall on Earth Day, April 22.. The festival showcased eco-friendly alternatives for building, transportation and everyday living.

2006 Report

This Earth Day eco fair featured not only many musical performances and exhibits but over 20 presentations, workshops, and films about how to leave a smaller environmental footprint, while living a less expensive, simpler, and healthier life.

Canadians are facing rising gas prices, climate change, environmental health issues and power shortages in the coming years. This Eco Fair explores solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Every time we hold this festival our program of events changes however to give you an idea of our content we will hightlight what happened at the last Green Planet Festival. Our last festival started with the screening of the award winning documentary “Thirst” which is about protecting limited global fresh water supplies followed by a series of presentations and films that explore the future of our food, water, energy, transportation and economy as well as a wide variety of solutions for more healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


The Green Planet Festival filled both the space inside the Town Hall and outside in the village green. Ideas, products, and services, which are energy efficient, sustainable, natural, organic, or recycled, where exhibited throughout the day both inside and on the festival grounds. The Eco Transportation display included electric, hybrid, and bio-diesel vehicles outside of the Town Hall building.

At 9:00 am the events on the Town Hall Stage started with the screening of the award winning documentary “THIRST”. Critical to all life on earth fresh water is now becoming a commodity. Over a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Each year, millions of children die of diseases caused by unsafe water. The numbers are increasing. This while corporations are working towards water as a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded in a global marketplace. Meetings are now taking place to decide who will be in control global fresh water resources. This movement towards large dams and privatization is challenged by experts and activists who assert that water is a human right, not a commodity to be traded on the open market. This film in many ways sheds a light on the potential future of our water resources.

Eco Arts
Our Green Planet was also celebrated by the local arts community with several local bands signing up to support the festival and perfomances went on through out the day rain or shine courtesy of the Grafton Village Inn gazebo. We aslo had an eco arts exhibition of many local artists showing and selling thier work.

Eco Presentations

Starting immediately after the first film will be a series of presentations.
A panel discussion lead by environmental activist Cindy Anthony responded to the issues raised by the film and explore current and upcoming issues around fresh water both globally an in our communities.

Glen Mc Cloud of the Northumberland Stewardship Council explored the "Tree Planting" programs that we can all be involved is as well as a discussion on water course restoration programs.

Dave Friars talked about "Energy Alternatives" and strategies for the future of energy both within our communities and as a society.

Mike Hubicki from H2omes tallked about "Home Energy Solutions" sharing some of his expertise and experience in creating his own Eco Home here in Northumberland.

Bob Garthson of Canadian Organic Growers explored some ideas, tools, techniques and philosophy surrounding creating and enjoying organic gardens

Bob then lead a panel discussion on the "Future Of Food" exploring some of the health, supply and sustainability issues that are already impacting on current generations will most likely have to be dealt with by future generations if we don't start to protect our food supplies and our genetic heritage.

Garnet McPherson representing the Natural Health Network did a workshop exploring some of the concerns coming out of new research about Electro Magnetic Radiation and its devastating impact on our health. He explored issues ranging from cell phone use and towers to high tension power lines as well as many sources of EMR that are a concern right in our own homes.

Simon Boone of Generation Solar talked about some of the new environmental initiatives of the Ontario Government and how it is making many "Solar Solutions" much more cost effective and practical for many more citizens. He discussed the many ways that solar energy can be used in our homes and our lives to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the way we live.

Mike Hubicki, Simon Boone, Dave Fairs and Don Chisholm shared a panel discussion with our audience on the future of energy in our society. What political and economic factors that will have a direct impact energy supplies and solutions. They also explored the impact of new materials and technologies could have on long term solutions to our energy issues.

John Graham of Church Key Breweries and Garnet MacPherson from the Green Planet Foundation will lead a panel discussion on "Eco Transportation Solutions" including electric, hybrid and bio diesel fueled vehicles. The will be talking about what the future may hold as the impact of "peak oil" starts to drive the inevitable oil supply crisis.

Armand Dupuis of Think Tank Conferencing was joined by a representative of myconnections.ca for a workshop about "the most efficient transportation of them all..." none. They explored the new technologies that are enabling complete and unlimited meetings and sharing of information to take place over the internet so that many more of us can now consider telecommuting and teleconferancing as a serious option to driving to work.

Don Chisholm of the Gaia Preservation Coalition was speaking on wind energy and other energy issues that need to be addressed as part of our public planning and policies. He shared his experience with real life challenges of working toward community solutions in Prince Edward County.

Colin Mathews of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association did a presentation on "Hiking In Northumberland" He will be talking about the association and the exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities in Northumberland County.

Bob Garthson of Valley Voices explored the subject of "Protecting Communities" Our communities are a heritage that we can pass on to our children if we look at it from a long term perspective. John talked about the many issues, challenges and approaches to protecting the intrinsic and environmental resources of a community for current and future generations.

FILM - At 5:00 p.m. the award winning feature documentary “The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and The Collapse of the American Dream”, was screened on the main stage. This movie is all about the move from towns / cities out to the suburbs and how this change will be impacted the quickly approaching reach of peak oil production. "This information is quite shocking. I think many people who thought they had sufficient information concerning the energy crisis will be left in a rethinking mode." "Just enough humor to sugarcoat the bitter pill" Everyone that drives a car or heats a house should see this film!

An Open Forum on developing Sustainable Public Policy followed the film and explore the role of Government in protecting or natural heritage and developing a sustainable future for generations to come. This was a dynamic and productive brainstorming session.

Stan Grizzle did a presentation on new developments in "Eco Sanitation" and the management of house hold toxins that we encounter in our current environment.

Arlene Wilcox of Bio Pro will talk about her products that help to protect us from the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

CLOSING - A little musical tribute to the earth closed the festival and begin another year of reflecting on more sustainable future. A year when we all might be able to implement a little of what we have learned to leave a smaller environmental footprint, while living a less expensive, simpler, and healthier life.

2009 Green Planet Festival
Whether you are planning to build or renovate your home or cottage, interested in healthier products or you are tired of rising electricity bills, and you want to explore alternative energies, transportation or even new technologies for telecommuting, you will find teh 2009 Green Planet Festival a useful resource for sustainable living.

The next Green Planet Festival will feature exhibits and demonstrations cover a wide range of subjects ranging from, sustainable solutions, sustainability, sustainable living, sustainable living centres, environment, environmental programs, nature, natural systems, conservation, organic agriculture, world peace, volunteering, internships, work exchange programs, environmental internships, environmental volunteering, volunteers on organic farms, organic food production and gardening, demonstrating for peace, renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, solar air conditioning, rain water harvesting, rain water collection, electric vehicles, ev's, electric tractor, eco villages, eco education, eco tourism, healthy home, healthy lifestyle, nutrutional health, healthy wieght loss, and many other resources for living green.

Stay tuned to this web site to here the NEWS about the attractions of the 2009 Green Planet Festival. Feel free to bookmark this web site.

If you have something to contribute to the development of this site or to the upcoming Green Planet Festival feel free to email us at info(at)thegreenplanet.ca

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